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Note: If you have limited time, the essential reading is marked with an asterisk. Articles should be read; reference materials browsed in order to familiarize yourself with them.

I. Encoded Archival Description Articles, Reference Materials, and Tools

*Encoded Archival Description: Introduction and Overview / Daniel Pitti DLIB Magazine, November 1999

American Archivists (Chicago: Society of American Archivists), vol. 60, nos. 3-4. Two issues devoted to EAD.

* EAD 2002 Tag Library

* RLG EAD Best Practice Guidelines

*RLG EAD Report Card

* EAD Cookbook

II. Encoded Archival Description Internet Sites

*Library of Congress EAD Homepage

The Library of Congress is the official maintenance agency for EAD.

EAD Listserv

To subscribe, send a one-line message to: LISTSERV@LOC.GOV

Containing the text: SUBSCRIBE EAD YourName

Once subscribed, submit messages to EAD@LOC.GOV

*SAA EAD Roundtable

A lot of useful material and links to implementations sites and contacts.

III. SGML, XML, and Text Markup

Robin Cover's XML Homepage

*Text Encoding Initiative: A Gentle Introduction to XML

*Introduction to XML / Daniel V. Pitti

Elliotte Rusty Harold, "Chapter 17 of the XML Bible (2nd): XSL Transformations."

Norm Walsh, XML Enitity and URI Resolvers