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Last update: 28 February 2006

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Note: If you have limited time, the essential reading is marked with an asterisk. Articles should be read; reference materials browsed in order to familiarize yourself with them.

I. XSL, XQuery, and XPATH

*Elliotte Rusty Harold, "Chapter 17 of the XML Bible (2nd edition): XSL Transformations."

Good, reasonably short introduction to XSL.

*XSLT and XPath Quick Reference

Two page quick reference.

XSLT Programmer's Reference (2nd edition)

Excellent reference source for developers of XSLT stylesheets. This is only available as a book. *The first chapter, "XSLT in Context," however, is available online, and should read before taking the course.

The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

*Elliotte Rusty Harold, "Chapter 18 of the XML Bible (2nd edition): XSL Formatting Objects."

XML Query Tutorial (W3Schools)

XPath Tutorial (W3Schools)

World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium Recommendations (or Standards)

XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.1

XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0

Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0 [Formatting Objects]

XML Query (W3C)

II. Software: Saxon, Tomcat, Apache, and JDK

Saxon is an XSLT processor. A Java servlet application of Saxon will be used in the course, with Tomcat serving as the "servlet container." While Tomcat, Saxon, and related software will be installed before the class, links to the Tomcat and Saxon web sites are provided here. Students should have basic familiarity with "servlets." In addition, links are also provided here to Sun's Java page, as the Java Development Kit is required for Tomcat and Saxon.


Saxon 8.4B is an excellent XSLT and XQuery processor and will be used in the workshop.


Cocoon is an open source XML publishing framework. Integrated with eXist (see below), it can be used to perform rendering and indexing of XML documents.


eXist is an open source XML indexer. Integrated with Cocoon (see above), it can be used to perform rendering and indexing of XML documents. eXist comes bundled with Coccon.

Apache Software Foundation

Java System Development Kit (SDK)

III. XML and Text Markup

Robin Cover's XML Homepage

World Wide Web Consortium XML Homepage

*TEI Gentle Introduction to XML

*Introduction to XML / Daniel V. Pitti

XML and Databases / Ronald Bourret

Norm Walsh, XML Enitity and URI Resolvers

IV. Software

XML Software

V. Encoded Archival Description Articles and Reference Materials

Encoded Archival Description: Introduction and Overview / Daniel Pitti DLIB Magazine, November 1999

American Archivists (Chicago: Society of American Archivists), vol. 60, nos. 3-4. Two issues devoted to EAD.

*EAD Tag Library, Version 2002 (Chicago: Society of American Archivists and Library of Congress, 1998)

EAD Application Guidelines, Version 1.0 (Chicago: Society of American Archivists and Library of Congress, 1999)

EAD Cookbook

VI. Encoded Archival Description Internet Sites

Library of Congress EAD Homepage

The Library of Congress is the official maintenance agency for EAD.

EAD Listserv

To subscribe, send a one-line message to: LISTSERV@LOC.GOV

Containing the text: SUBSCRIBE EAD YourName

Once subscribed, submit messages to EAD@LOC.GOV

SAA EAD Roundtable

A lot of useful material and links to implementations sites and contacts.